Thursday, November 13, 2008


If you want to be like Jesus or allow Him to be incarnated in and through you, you must get to know what Jesus really did and said. The normal tendency is for believers in Jesus to accept and teach the many Christian rumors that we've always been told were true. Yet many of these rumors are myths; they just aren't true! So stop mything out and check out this new book and CD!


MYTH #1—Jesus Is Owned By Christianity.

MYTH #2—Jesus Is The Founder Of The Institution Of The Christian Church.

MYTH #3—Jesus Wants The Entire World To Be Converted To Christianity.

MYTH #4—Jesus Shows All Believers How To Go To Heaven.

MYTH #5—You Must Believe Jesus Is The Son Of God To Follow Him.

MYTH #6—Jesus Is Narrow And Exclusive.

MYTH #7—Jesus Came To Take All Believers Out Of Here.

MYTH #7—Jesus Came To Take All Believers Out Of Here. (continued)

MYTH #8— Jesus Teaches What The World Needs Now Is Love.

MYTH #9—Jesus Prefers Mega-Churches And Mega-Ministries.

MYTH #10—Jesus Is Hated By The World And So Are His Disciples.

MYTH #11—The Study Of The Bible Will Give You Eternal Life.

MYTH #12—Most Of Jesus’ Teachings Are About The Church.

MYTH #13—Jesus Teaches Hate For Family Members.

MYTH #14—God Dwells In Holy Buildings Today.

MYTH #15—“Going To Church” Is Jesus’ Idea.

MYTH #16—Jesus Can Only Truly Be Revealed Through The Bible.

MYTH #17—Jesus Wants Us To Change The World.

MYTH #18—Jesus Wants Us To Focus On Relevance.

MYTH #19—Jesus Plus Nothing Is Simpler And Easier To Live.

MYTH #20—Jesus Takes A Stand Against Sinners.

MYTH #21—Jesus’ Message Is Spread Best By Talking.

MYTH #22—Jesus Sent Paul Primarily To The Gentiles.

MYTH #23—Christ Is Jesus’ Last Name.

MYTH #24—Satan Didn’t Believe Jesus Was Son Of God.

MYTH #25—Jesus Requires That All Pray The “Sinner’s Prayer”.

MYTH #26—To Jesus Salvation Was All About Eternal Life.

MYTH #27—The Finished Work Of Jesus Was To Die.

MYTH #28—Jesus Is Opposed To Allah.

MYTH #29—Jesus Wants You To Be Healthy, Wealthy & Successful.

MYTH #30—Jesus Taught A Lot About Hell.

MYTH #31—Missing The Message Of Jesus Began In The Organized Church.

MYTH #32—Jesus Taught When He Is Coming Back Again.

“I am afraid, lest as the serpent deceived by his craftiness, that your minds might be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Jesus.”


Unknown said...

I once was dried out on religion, tired yet seeking... and this search never stopped until I found not what Jesus is not about (because that kept me busy for a number of years as well), but what He is about. And I found amazing grace and ever expanding life - how I love Him! Paul never appealed to men's intellect... he said "we commend ourselves to everyman's conscience" - that inner part of him that is essentially made in the image and likeness of God - calling out for a reunion. And that's what I found in Jesus - the revelation of myself as in a mirror 2 Cor :18, Jam 1. Something religion would call sacrilegious ... but He indeed came to His own, and now isn't ashamed to call them brethren... if only they too knew this.

mgunn said...

Looks good Tim! I need to pick up a copy!